Reflective safety vests and vests for uniformed services

kamizelka_11 CODE: K/SM/2P

  • - yellow, poliester material
  • - two vertical reflective microprismatic stripes, which are 5cm wide
  • - edging with silver trimming
  • - two emblems (front: 5x13cm, back: 10x31cm) made of certified foil
  • - done up with a clasp
kamizelka_12 CODE: K/2P/I

  • - yellow or orange, polyester material
  • - two vertical retroflective textile stripes, which are 5cm wide
  • - done up with a Velcro fastener
  • - recommended for drivers
  • - sizes available: L, XL, XXL, XXXL


kamizelka_1 CODE: K/PP

  • - orange, polyester material
  • - three microprismatic reflective stripes
  • - two emblems – CAUTION CHILDREN and STOP
  • - for people entitled to stoppage of vehicles in order
    to make it possible for children to pass the street
kamizelka_3 CODE: K/L

  • - orange, poliester material
  • - on both front and back of the vest there’s „L” in
    a square, whose sides are 30cm long
  • - it is put on through the head
  • - hook and loop fastener on sides
  • - intended for drivers’ training centers
  • - pocket for wireless set
  • - two vertical textile reflective stripes + epaulets
kamizelka_5 CODE: K/2PM/J

  • - black, fishnet material
  • - two vertical and two horizontal microprismatic reflective stripes
  • - done up by zipping
  • - it was designed for the people using motorcycles
kamizelka_4 CODE: K/3PM/KR

  • - orange, polyester material
  • - three, vertical microprismatic reflective stripes
  • - edged with silver trimming
  • - two emblems made of microprismatic yellow fluorescent foil,
    of dimensions: 350x250mm, with an inscription: „TRAFFIC CONTROL”


All of the reflective
vests are made
according to the
PN-EN 471 standards.
We also complete
orders from individual clients.

Remember – in case of life-threatening situation on the road, reflective vests can save your life!