Maty gumowe-EuroblaskRubber mats imitating asphalt are an anti-slippery surface, intended for creating cities of road traffic. We offer 1.25m wide, 2m long and 6mm thick mats, which weigh 14 kg. Mats in that size are designated for creating cities with one-way roads. Building two-direction roads is also possible, but in that case we offer 2m wide, 1.25m long and 6mm thick mats. Sheet mats are labeled with vertical signs accordant with prepared project. We have two sizes of traffic circles available in our offer. The first one’s diameter is 5m long, and consists of 12 chocks which are put next to each other to form a circle. The second one has 8m long diameter and is formed out of 20 chocks. Mats are resistant, durable and have a great abrasive hardness.

In our offer you will find rubber mats on a roll, without labeling (1.25m wide, 10mb long, weighing 70kg). We deliver fully professional help in designing individual cities of road traffic adequate to client’s needs.

mata_podwojna_ciagla mata_podwojna_przerywana mata_przerywana_ciagla mata_przejsciemata_rondo

Exemplary cities of road traffic:

maty_1 maty_2 maty_6 miasteczko_4 miasteczko_20 miasteczko_17 miasteczko_18 miasteczko_19 miasteczko_24 miasteczko_27 miasteczko_28 miasteczko_30img_6944 img_6960 img_6968 img_6974img_7028 img_6995 img_6999 img_7034 img_7051

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