Mobile city of road traffic is a complex composed of a number of objects. It is intended for traffic regulations education; a practical training concerning pedestrian traffic and above all for bicycle and motorcycle learners.



The aim is to improve automotive culture and act in favor of increasing road traffic safety, including the safety of children and teenagers. We place the biggest emphasis on a proper preparation of children to obey road regulations. Therefore, we created a mobile city of road traffic, consisting of:

The advantages of creating mobile cities of traffic roads is that they can be used indoors, in isolated spaces (gyms, sports halls) and open spaces (sports fields, concrete, asphalt or grass schoolyards), and it doesn’t require building stationary cities.

Mobile city of road traffic is used for conducting a practical study of passing and walking on the streets; and bicycle riding. Moreover, it can serve as a place for organizing the practical part of a Cycling Proficiency Test, bicycling competitions and road traffic safety tournaments (BRD tournaments).

Additionally, next to mobile city of road traffic, a bicycle obstacle course can be set up. It could be used for learning and practicing the cycling technique.

Rubber mats, which imitate asphalt are an anti-slippery surface, intended for creating roads, traffic circles and crosswords in mobile city of road traffic. We offer You mats, being 1m wide and 5mm thick. In case of an individual order we are able to produce mats in other measures, like 8mm or 10cm.

Our products meet all the requirements, implemented by provisions of directive about overall product safety.

At client’s request we give out declarations of conformity.